Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

The endless cycle of debt

We can evaluate your situation to determine the best course of action for you, whether that be debt negotiation, filing chapter 7, filing chapter 13, filing chapter 11, short selling your home, or negotiating with your lender.
If you are caught in an endless cycle of debt, it is not your fault. Exorbitant interest rates on credit cards, medical bills and job loss are a few of the many reasons that cause financial hardship and can happen to anyone. Millions of Americans throughout the U.S. are struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately it’s no different in Southern California. More and more people are facing unemployment, illness, death, divorce, rising interest rates, and so on. Despite these difficult times, it is critical to always remember you have legal rights that protect you. Bankruptcy laws are designed to save you from creditor harassment and from total financial ruin. A few unfortunate events can lead to a cycle of debt which quickly becomes impossible to overcome. But, you do not have to continue to drown in debt. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code offers a solution by providing a way for you to eliminate some or all of your debt. Designed to provide honest but unfortunate debtors a “fresh start”, bankruptcy protection is a powerful tool which can allow you to clear insurmountable debt and begin rebuilding your credit.

Bankruptcy means solutions, not problems

Maybe you’ve never thought it this way, but bankruptcy means solutions, not problems. Debts have a way of snowballing. One late payment turns into three or four and with each one come late fees. Once your credit begins to drop, the credit card companies will use that as a reason to raise your interest rates. Suddenly a difficult situation has become nearly impossible. When you don’t have any way to realistically catch up and pay off your debts, the end result will be total financial ruin. Bankruptcy is there to prevent that from happening and give Americans everywhere a second chance. The law is on your side. You just need someone to help you use it to your advantage.

Think about your situation

If you’re feeling uneasy, give us a call and sit down with us to discuss your case. At the very lease you’ll get answers to questions and have some options to turn to for relief.

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